Applications for Identachip's sms otp technology and out-of-band authentication 


Dual Interface Smart Card For the Enterprise    
IdentaChip provides a Dual Interface Smart Card to replace security devices currently employed in the enterprise. This enterprise Smart Card may only grant either physical or logical access upon a user being biometrically authenticated by BioKor.

Enterprises currently issue employees multiple devices in order to secure both physical and logical access. NFC-enabled smart cards dominate the physical access market. As shown, hardware tokens that require all security credentials to be authenticated in-band are predominately employed to "secure" logical access. The existing logical access solutions are both expensive and insecure.

IdentaChip's enterprise Smart Card may include an NFC interface that secures physical access using the existing enterprise infrastructure. Logical access to enterprise resources (i.e. network portal, VPN, corporate bank account) is secured by completing an out-of-band authentication using the card's SMS OTP interface. In this regard, certain security credentials (i.e. OTP or digital certificate) are generated on the enterprise Smart Card that can be used to uniquely identify a specific device. These security credentials are sent directly from the enterprise Smart Card to a network backend and authenticated in order for a user to be granted access to the relevant enterprise resource.
Dual Interface Smart Card for combined physical access and logical access to secure BYOD computing, online banking, and Card Not Present financial transactions

Bank Cards and Secure Financial Services
IdentaChip’s two and three factor authentication solutions are applicable to a number of different types of payment vehicles such as bank cards (debit, credit, and prepaid) as well as other small form factor and mobile devices. A Smart Card will be provided that has a form factor compatible with the existing “Card Present” payment infrastructure (ATM machines, Point-of-Sale readers, etc.). At the Point-of-Sale and other “Card Present” transactions, the user experience and merchant infrastructure will not need to be altered, in any way. The Smart Card provided by IdentaChip may be configured to work with the existing Card Present infrastructure just like the cards used by most consumers today. When deployed as a debit card, a service will be provided in which an out-of-band and/or biometric authentication is completed in securing logical access to the online bank account associated with the debit card.  For all the different types of bank cards, a service will be provided in which an out-of-band and/or biometric authentication is completed in authorizing or declining a Card Not Present transaction such as a purchase made from an online retailer or ecommerce Web site.