SMS wireless smart card utilizing sms otp. A safe and secure BYOD (Bring your own device) mobile security solution 

 SMS Wireless Smart Card

IdentaChip is the developer of an “SMS” Wireless Smart Card configured to directly transmit and receive SMS messages (or participate in USSD/SSL sessions) using the existingSMS wireless smart card for out-of band authentication on small form factor and mobile devies utilizing IdentaChip's sms otp technology. cellular infrastructure. As illustrated, the SMS Wireless Smart Card communicates security credentials (i.e. OTP, digital certificate, etc.) via an out-of-band communication channel. The weak link in the security chain is the end user and their general purpose devices (PC, tablet, phone). The SMS Wireless Smart Card eliminates the security threat posed to network services by the user's device and the corresponding general purpose platforms which have proven so hospitable to malware (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.).    

Today, there is a substantial and ever-growing risk that the user’s general purpose device is infected with malware which enables a hacker to compromise the in-band communication channel currently used to communicate security credentials (user name, password) and gain unauthorized logical access to the relevant network resource (corporate portal, Virtual Private Network, bank account, etc.). The communication of all security credentials in-band, as occurs today,  represents a fundamental security vulnerability. 

Unlike these existing general purpose platforms, the SMS Wireless Smart Card is a hardware token where credentials are securely managed and communicated to IdentaChip's backend separate from the device employed by the end user. As a result, the rampant vulnerabilities brought about by increased user mobility and the proliferation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) computing can be eliminated with a truly mobile method of performing two factor authentication.