hardware based ubiquitous biometric recognition and biometric processor (ASIC, biometric SOC) in embedded and small form factor, ultra low power, and other mobile devices that implement match-on-card technology 


hardware based fingerprint recognition and biometric processor (ASIC, SOC) for non-minutia based matching in embedded environments and devices in need of match-on-card technologyBioKor provides a safe, secure, and cost-effective way of enabling virtually any device to authenticate a user through biometric recognition (fingerprint, iris, echocardiogram, voice, multi-modal). The very near future is one where bank cards are only active when being held by an authorized user; doors can only unlock when a biometrically authenticated user touches the handle; and network services are securely accessed from anywhere with the identity of a remote user being known. Three factor authentication will be ubiquitous as biometric systems will be an integral part of any device, object, or machine.

The security industry has previously relied on software algorithms and microprocessor-based systems to biometrically authenticate users. This approach does not translate well to ubiquitous biometrics and results in solutions that are expensive, insecure, and resource intensive. IdentaChip takes a substantially different approach and does not rely on software algorithms to complete a biometric match. Instead, Biokor provides hardware logic that filters image data in real-time (as a signal is received) without having to maintain data in memory for post processing. As a result, the matching performed by BioKor is faster and less memory/resource intensive than anything currently on the market today. The biometric match can be completed entirely in hardware. Alternatively, Biokor may be implemented as a programmable processor in which software algorithms are able to benefit from the acceleration offered by IdentaChip’s hardware routines.